Help the team

Posted on: Dec 06, 2018

Hello, everyone
As you see right know, downloading from the DDL server is unstable and some of you can’t download from it.
Two days ago, Cloudflare stopped supporting Erai-DDL.info because they think we broke their terms by releasing contents that doesn’t belong to us which is true, and everyone knows that.
The only solution to this problem is by subscribe in a paid service same as Cloudflare, and we decided to go with (Sucuri).
The service costs $200 every year and the team can’t afford that.
We pay a lot every month (almost $300) and we only get $35 from the patreon which is a good support (Thanks to every person who is donating).
We need at most 200 person who are willing to donate which means that we need only $1 from each one.
So far, our willing is to solve this problem.

Right now, the team is spending almost 800 GB per season which is a lot.
Storage is the biggest problem that the team faces and as you saw at the beginning of this month,
we changed the server just to add 2 TB This is to avoid deleting any anime from our list just to add a new one.
If you want to help us about this problem, then you can donate by using one of the methods in the site.
If you can’t donate and you want to help, please share the site with your friends who are watching the anime.

Our priority is to solve the Cloudflare problem and we count on you guys.
Thank you for using our website. Peace for everyone.